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More than 5 years I master collection teddy bears and their friends. I regularly participate in international subject exhibitions. I am developing my own copyrighted classes where you can learn to create teddy bears and their friends. More than 150 people have passed my training classes.

What you will make:

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So, what you buy:

My Students Works:

Elena Golofaeva - the course Author and Teddy Bears Creator

Step-By-Step Video Tutorial "Sewing "living" Charlie the Raccoon"

Webcast by Elena Golofaeva, Teddy Toys Creator

Yuliya Zubareva Work:

The First International Art Festival

Dolls, Toys & Teddy Bears!

Copyright © doll-fest.com

Support: info@doll-fest.com

39.50 € \ $ 43.90

What will you find out and learn:

  • How to lay out and carve out your parts to make a beautiful, naturally looking and smooth fur?
  • How to make good seams? Seam handling.
  • How to stuff your parts? Stuffing heads and reinforced limbs. Composite staffing.
  • High-quality stuffing as a guarantee of successful result!
  • How to make bendable legs? Paw reinforcement secrets.
  • How to «animate» paws? Learn all about pad retraction and paw trimming. Tools, technique.
  • How to form hands and «animate» them? How to fix the fur to the surface?
  • How to reinforce the tail? How to secure the reinforced tail?
  • Nose modeling. Making the raccoon’s nose from self-hardening plastic.
  • How to decorate the face? Eye placement and fixing. How to make eyelid patterns?
  • Eyelid fixing. How to embroider the mouth? Diagram, marks.
  • Multi-level face trimming:  you can watch the way I trim the face.
  • Eye trimming, fixing.
  • How to make an artistic shading of the raccoon and kill the “fear” of dark paints?

My Students Feedback:

Yuliya Natalevich Work: 

Step-by-step video tuturial. Instant download after your payment. 

Compatible with Windows & Mac. English subtitles.


39.50 € \ $ 43.90

Look at the creations of my students

Are You Still Not Agree That You Can Create The Best Raccoon In The World?

Yuliya Zubareva

I'm very happy that I’ve passed your training course!!!!!!!!!! When I watch any tutorial, in addition to the appearance of the animal, I pay much attention to the techniques described in the tutorials. This time I’ve chosen the right one. This tutorial is very comprehensive and interesting. Of all training courses that I’ve passed, the Elena’s tutorial is the most informative.

Olga Belozyorova

Hello, Elena! I’ve bought your tutorial for making a fox. It is simply amazing! Hyper and mega detailed! I very much appreciate that you explain why you are doing this or that and tell what will happen if something is not done. Thank you for such a detailed overview of the tools and options to replace them!

Yuliya Natalevich

The first technique of making a stuffed toy that I learned was quite difficult. Yes, the fox is a hard-to-do toy. But the result exceeded all my expectations. The fox looks like it is alive and makes everyone happy. The Elena’s tutorial is very elaborate and informative. Due attention is paid to details, and everything is shown very thoroughly – up to the most hidden stitch. Both traditional techniques and author’s special tricks developed over the years of practice are demonstrated. With such knowledge, now I’m not afraid to start making my own beautiful stuffed animals. Elena, thank you for your work and generosity!