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What you will make:

  • You will learn about the necessary tools and materials;
  • You`ll get the unique author's patterns of the doll and clothes for her. You will learn how to place the pattern on the fabric correctly;
  • You will get knowledge how to sew, how to turn on the right side even the smallest parts of doll, how to stuff and how to assemble the doll. I'll share my exclusive way of head movable joint  using cotter pins;
  • You will get the recipe of primer that will not crack and crumble. You will see how to prime and polish the doll;
  • I will tell and show  you in details about face drawing, will share my secrets about palette of colors , will tell you about face proportions;
  • I will teach you how to make the tresses and how to create the hairstyle;
  • Together we will create an outfit for Masha. You will find out how to make the clothes look a bit worn;
  • You will get a present: the master class about creating a vintage mini notebook for "Masha";

47.50 € \ $ 53.30

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My name is Julia Natalevich. I have graduated from National Academy of Art. I make textile dolls more than 5 years.   About two years I conduct live master classes, as well I am author of four video classes about textile primed dolls. All the time I learn another techniques of doll making from other hand makers. I love to enjoy the success of my students so much! And I am happy when my dolls find their enthusiastic audience.

My Students Works:

About Author:

Step-By-Step Video Course "Interior primed textile doll Masha"

Dolls, Toys & Teddy Bears!

 Olga Kudryashova Work:

Irina Parfinskaya Work:

Natalia Privalova Work:

Anna Bojko Work:

Irina Smirnova Work:

My Students Feedback:

39.50 € \ $ 44.30

Webcast by Julia Natalevich, Textile Dolls Designer

The First International Art Festival

Step-by-step video tuturial. Instant download after your payment. 

Compatible with Windows & Mac. English subtitles.


39.50 € \ $ 44.30

Look at the creations of my students

Are You Still Not Agree That You Can Create The Best Doll In The World?

Olga Kudryashova
More than one one year I am fallen in love in three fairies, and I cannot stop. Thanks a lot to Julia for her creation and for her video classes!

Natalia Privalova

Thank you ever so much for your mastr class and for the possibility to create so cute dolls. I like youe technique very much! I'm eager to do more and more primed textile dolls!!!

Irina Parfinskaya
Dear Julia, thank you so much!! A few day of work on your master class brought me so many new positive emotions! It is so nice to be please with my own doll. 

Irina Smirnova
It was so easy to create a doll on your master class! Julia , I am so greatful for your detailed and understandable video course!

Anna Bojko
Julia, thanks a lot for your classes!  I did not face any problem to make the doll! It was so pleased and so easy! Thank you again!

So, what you buy: