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I’m a graphic artist graduated from the Moscow State Polygraphic University, fine arts faculty. I live and work in Moscow.

Му “feltingmania” started in 2007.  All necessary skills I learned acquired by myself. I also developed unique methods of felting and later created a “Lively toy” course.

I have been teaching felting since 2008. At the present moment  teaching is my main activity.

I took part in  art dolls exhibition (Vakhtangov Art Gallery, Moscow). My master classes were published in various print media. There was also a TV-show  about me and my art works. 

What you will make:

So, what you buy:

40.30 € \ $ 44.90

And More My Students Works:

About Me:

Unusual master-class "Let us be friends!"

48.30 € \ $ 54

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The First International Art Festival

Dolls, Toys & Teddy Bears!

You will learn:

  • about universal algorithm of making sculpture felting toy – no matter how complicated it is
  • about one serious mistake that is easier to avoid than to fix
  • how to make a toy irresistibly cute
  • how easily to set a toy in a right pose
  • how to change the character of a toy right in the process of felting

​This masterclass has a huge set of postponed benefits such as:

  • selfconfidence
  • inspiration
  • a LOT of new ideas
  • power of observation and interest in the world around
  • creative latitude

And all you need is a big desire to learn.

Webcast by Irina Polyakova, Master Of Needle Felting

My Students Feedback:

Step-by-step video tuturial. Instant download after your payment. 

Compatible with Windows & Mac. English subtitles.


40.30 € \ $ 44.90

Look at the creations of my students


It was an awesome master class and Irina is a very positive and a nice person.  I was making a kitten, and when it came to the kitten’s neb – there was no single detail missed. These toys are lively indeed.

As a professional artist Irina gives plenty of useful information. And after the very first lesson you are able to create any animal you’d like!  I am very impressed and grateful to Irina!

Irina Kuretova

It's really hard to express my delight. With all my heart I recommend Irina’s lessons to all of you, folks – and no matter if you are just a beginner or a felting-profi already. It’s a big luck to meet such a Teacher. 


Irina, thank you so much! This is the 3rd lesson I take, and I simply  love their calm and very peaceful atmosphere at the classes. Irina shares all she knows with pleasure. For the last lesson we were making badger-dog with carcass. I liked very much both the process and the result. I  thought I wouldn’t be able to make a new toy  while working unsupervised. But all my fears were groundless – and I created lovely puppy.  Thank you so much, Irina!


Anna Saturnia (Mamedova)

Irina, I was very pleased to meet you! It was unbelievable experience. Thank you! As for classes I appreciated very much the way you explain all things both in theory and in practice. I want to point out one important thing: Irina teaches to think and to create independently, not just to repeat her samples.  I am sure – I’ll be back again for a new portion of positive!


Irina, I want to thank you for this master class. It was simply amazing! The dog I've made on classes now lives on the shelf at my place and makes me feel happy each day! I never thought I could do such a wonderful hand-made stuff! I recommend you Irina’s classes. You will get absolutely all you need and even more. There is a very serious approach – Irina tells about animals anatomy, their mime, she gives solid basic knowledge. And afterwards you can easily felt any toys you want – especially realistic and lively little animals.



Before I met Irina I never had an experience of hand-made stuff making. I have never drawn or sewn, I've never knitted or sculptured. Moreover – I could easily make a mess with coloring book for kids. So when I announced to my Mum that I felt toys – she payed no attention at all. She kept being very skeptical until she saw my toys.  And when my husband met me after classes first of all he turned on the light in the car so he could see what I felt this time”.