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What you will make:


  • How to model the wire frame easily;


  • How to model childlike hands;


  • How to prepare and bake the parts of the body (head, hands and legs of the doll);


  • How to model legs and make the doll well balanced;


  • Easy body modeling and assembling;


  • How to colour and condition the doll;
  • How to make a glance vivacious;


  • Instruments and materials to create an art doll;

Lesson #10 Hairdo


  • Making of the dress and beautiful fairy wings;

Lesson #12 Dress

Lesson #11 Shoes

  • How to model the shoes easily;


  • How to model quick and inexpensive hairdo out of wool tresses;

Irina Drozdenko Work:

Olga Tartova Work:

Olga Rulova Work:

Tatiana Lubimova Work:

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Lesson #1. Sketching of the doll

Lesson #0. Introduction

Previous course students’ feedback

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Anastasiya Alekseyeva Work:

  • Hand made dolls designer since 2006
  • Hand made dolls tutor since 2010
  • Online tutor since 2014
  • Participant of international exhibitions «Moscow Fair», «Doll Salon», «Art of the Doll», «Doll Time» and many others

Are You Still Not Agree That You Can Create The Best Doll In The World?

Tatiana Lubimova
Although the course is very abundant and extensive, everything is up to the point! Tatiana gives very solid basic knowledge. You will not find yourself copying the artist, you will create yourself with a clear understanding of the artistic process. I am infinitely grateful to you, Tatiana for all the knowledge you have given, for your wise supervision, for this magnificent experience we have shared together, for the joy and freedom we have enjoyed when learning to make art dolls. I am looking forward to experiencing this joy again!

Olga Tartova
I used to visit a lot of workshops so I have some experience to judge. Tatiana, your video courses are the best, are the most detailed and understandable. I am looking forward to seeing your new creations, art dolls and courses. Your video workshops give me a lot of inspiration and I am happy to enjoy your support for students, thanks to your patience to explain things again and again and answer all our foolish questions, thanks for your generosity to share your knowledge.

Natalia Mikhalenko
I have enormously enjoyed it. The course is very clearly structured; it gives a step-by-step manual to create an art doll. I have discovered a lot of new and interesting things. Tatiana is very generous to share her personal experience and give tips for the beginners. She supervises all the process of creation, gives advice and helps to correct mistakes. I have gained a lot from this course: have got the necessary knowledge, have made an adorable art doll, have met many interesting and artistic people and have found new friends!

Irina Drozdenko
Tatiana, after having taken two of your video courses, I realized how fortunate I have been! I have never expected to be capable to create anything out of polymer clay. Once I visited a similar workshop in my city, still I remained unconvinced about using this material in my work. Thanks to your hard work, patience, attitude to your work and to us, your students, we have managed not only to overcome our fear of doing the first steps, but we also enjoyed the process of creation. I am very happy with the result and the possibility to work at home under the supervision of a real EXPERT AND ARTIST. Looking forward to your new courses.

Lubov Kuznetsova
When I bought the video course, I didn’t expect to be able to create hands good enough for an art doll, I expected to make sort of mittens at a maximum. However, I managed! The most difficult turned out to be the most interesting. I loved these video lessons. They are very vivid and detailed. The course is already finished but I keep coming back to it while creating. Video lessons are much more than just a video course, they are full of zest, ideas for the right materials and instruments; they give me inspiration to make my creative images come true. THANK YOU!


  • How to make a full-size sketch of a doll;


  • A step-by-step manual to model a doll’s head;
  • Simple techniques to obtain good result. How to avoid common mistakes when modeling a head;

Lesson #3  Head

Lesson #4 Hands

Lesson #5 Frame

Lesson #6 Legs

Lesson #7 Baking of the parts

Lesson #8 Colouring of the doll

Lesson #9 Body


  • ​Accurate sketching of a head before modeling it is an important part of the process to get a beautiful childlike face;

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Lesson #2 Frame and head sketching