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What you will make:

Ten clear video lessons:

So, what you buy:

Elena Smirnova, Master Of Needle Felting

Dolls, Toys & Teddy Bears!

The First International Art Festival


  • You’ll be able to make a tail, form some bends and create dynamics;
  • You’ll learn to tone with a different wool color;
  • You will felt the fore feet;
  • And you’ll specify the basic position for your toy;


  • You’ll learn to work thoroughly with mimics and give your character a positive look;
  • You’ll learn how to form your animal’s chine by inserting the needle specifically;
  • You’ll learn to finish and flatten the surface;


  • In this lesson we will particularly look how to felt an elegant daisy;


  • You’ll learn a secret of a texture dimensional chine and soon will be able to create it in no time;
  • You’ll felt teeth and toes;


  • The most magnificent lesson. You’ll learn to make shiny surface. Your toy will sparkle and shimmer;


  • You’ll get to know the process of decorating woolen surface with pastel;
  • You’ll also learn some skills and techniques to make your toy look like a real animal;

 Elena Smirnova - the course Author and Master of Needle Felting, Moscow

The secrets of creation step by step "Crocodile Archie and his Daisy" 


  •  You’ll learn which materials and tools you’re going to need for your work;

Lesson #5 Detailed work

Olga Halemina Work:

 Nina Efremova Work:

Maria Kozhevnikova Work:

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Lesson #2. Making the basic workpiece

Lesson #4 Eyes

Lesson #1. Materials

$ 76

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Lesson #8 Daisy

Lesson #9 Toning

Previous course students’ feedback


  • ​You’ll find out how to join parts and details together;
  • You’ll create the hind feet and make the toy stand still;
  • You’ll build up the volume of the face and begin to create facial expressions;


  • You’ll learn how to make a sintepon workpiece;
  • You’ll come to know how the wool should be felted on sintepon;
  • You’ll get to learn how to felt a workpiece of a head out of wool;
  • You’ll become aware of the mistakes to avoid;

Lesson #10 Decorating

53.50 € \ $ 60.50

Step-by-step video tuturial. Instant download after your payment. 

Compatible with Windows & Mac. English subtitles.


53.50 € \ $ 60.50

Look at the creations of my students

I have been practicing making toys and sculptures from wool for many years now. Each toy is unique in its own way, has its own temper. Wool treated with love and positive is my motto!

I have been teaching masterclasses for more than 8 years for everyone who wishes to get to know the technique of volumetric felting, its cunnings and subtleties.

I am an author of 5 books devoted to felting. I provide my readers with miscellaneous workshops based on my own method, new creative ideas, new faces, and of course, communication.

I am a publicist in specialized magazine and on TV.

I am the creator of video courses ‘A kitten from wool step by step’ and ‘Crocodile Archie and his Daisy. The secrets of creation step by step’.


  • In this lesson you’ll learn to shape and glue eyes in correctly;

My Students Works:

Lesson #7 Dimensional and texture elements

Are You Still Not Agree That You Can Create The Best Crocodile In The World?

Maria Kozhevnikova

This is a wonderful, detailed and professionally shooted videocourse. The maser clarifies and demonstrates all the work stages right up to the last detail, which makes you feel like being present at a live workshop. If there are any questions, Elena explains, directs you and supports with her inexhaustible enthusiasm.
Many thanks to Elena for this wonderful experience! We’re looking forward for the next part.

Nina Efremova

I worked through this course with great pleasure. The record is of high quality, everything is perfectly heard and, more importantly, understandable. If there are any questions left, the master answers them in no time. Having felted a kitten, I got not only compliments from the master, but also comments on my work and advices on how to correct my mistakes which is really valuable. I am thankful to Elena Smirnova for this opportunity to improve your skills staying at home.

Olga Halemina

A great workshop! Everything is explained in details, the process becomes easy, enjoyable and understandable even for a beginner! The master is brilliant, she explains and shows everything thoroughly! This is what a real workshop must look like! Thank you Lena very much!

Lesson #6 Paws. Tail

Lesson #3 Joining parts together, increasing extra volume