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What you will make:

  • Teddy bear artist since 2009;
  • Participant of the exhibitions in Russia and Europe. Multiple participant of the online-show in USA;
  • Svetlana's teddies live in private collections all around the world;
  • International competitions winner in the miniature category;
  • Tutor of the courses about "miniature teddies" since 2013. Teaching in Russia and abroad;
  • More than 100 students completed the course;


40.90 € \ $ 45.60


  • At the beginning of the lesson you will see the fitting of the ears, nose and eyes;
  • Learn how to attach the nose on the loop;
  • You will learn to make your puppy come alive by attaching the eyes;
  • The author tells how to embroider puppy's smile and make it more expressive and realistic;
  • Learn how to fix ears so they can flop around;


  • You will see how to achieve the perfect stuffing using simple tools;
  • The author tells you about simple techniques that will help you to do hidden seams in the most invisible way;
  • Learn how to prepare ears and tail for further work;


You will:

  • learn the pros and cons of working with pastel;
  • see how to prepare pastel;
  • learn the best way to apply pastel and to fix it to the fabric;


  • You will know the most convenient order to gather the puppies’ parts;
  • You will learn how to tighten cotter pins in the right way;
  • Author will tell you details about working with metal pellets;
  • You will know how to fit and sew on the tail;

Step-By-Step Video Tutorial 10 cm of Happiness - Miniature Puppy Creation


Svetlana Stakheeva - teddy bear artist and miniature courses tutor

Dolls, Toys & Teddy Bears!
The First International Art Festival



  • In this lesson you will learn what materials and tools are necessary to create miniature puppies;
  • You will understand what materials and tools can be replaced with cheaper alternatives, and what shouldn’t;

Lesson #1. Supplies (Materials and tools)

Anna Terehova Works:


You will:

  • learn about the features of patterns for miniatures, what materials are used to create parts of the pattern and which of them are better to choose;
  • learn to determine the direction of the pile and you understand why it is important;
  • learn a few tricks from the author about working with dark and light fabric;
  • see how to properly and efficiently transfer the pattern details to the fabric;
  • earn what you need to remember before cutting;


  • The author tells one of the key secrets of making a beautiful teddy;
  • Learn how to prepare miniature details before turning it inside out;
  • Understand how to turn out tiny details without damaging the delicate fabric;
  • Learn about double pins and swaying joints;
  • Learn how to insert the cotter pins and temporarily affix them during stuffing;

1. Step-by-step video tuturial. Instant download after your payment. 

Compatible with Windows & Mac. English subtitles.

Lesson #2. Working with the pattern. Cutting

Lesson #4 Preparation for stuffing: An important step

Lesson #5 The perfect filling and the hidden seam

Lesson #6 Making muzzle. Live look, movable ears, and more

Lesson #7 Gathering the parts

Lesson #8 Secrets of coloring with pastel paint

Previous course students’ feedback

  • You will learn how easy it is to simulate the machine "backstitch";
  • The author tells why she does not love knots and how easy it is to work without them;
  • Learn how not to spend time on tacking but stitching much neater;
  • Understand in what order to sew parts of the puppy and what steps need special attention;

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"Triplushki" Works:

60 € \ $ 70

40.90 € \ $ 45.60

Look at the creations of my students

Webcast by Svetlana Staheeva, Teddy Bears Artist

Natasha Korneeva Works:

2. Puppy PDF pattern and layout + list of the shops with websites where Svetlana buys supplies for miniatures

Support: info@doll-fest.com

Eight clear video lessons:

My Students Works:

Are You Still Not Agree That You Can Create The Best Puppy In The World?

Anna Terehova
I created my first miniature teddies of minishtof and Soviet plush. They were about 11 cm tall, and these materials seemed unsuitable. Result wasn’t such as I wanted. After that I found special fabrics for the miniature teddies but had an unsuccessful experience with them. It was hard to make details straight. And in that time Sveta announced her workshop! I was so happy! On the appointed day I was sitting at the big table with another girls and under Sveta’s strict guidance learn how to work with fabric for miniature teddies! And most importantly I did it. After the workshop I had not only wonderful elly sewed by Sveta’s pattern but a lot of knowledge, features, tips and hips about making miniature and bigger teddies!

Maria Iliushechkina (collector)
I visited two Sveta’s workshop about elly and piggy. She is a strict teacher but explain everything in details, step by step. In the end of the lesson everyone go home tired but happy and with little adorable friend in the hands.

Natasha Korneeva
Sure Sveta’s workshop helped me! More like helped. She taught me to cut proportional bears. She told me how to find place for the eyes and ears, so they were on the same level. She suggest me about pile direction. Without this knowledge I would still be sewing wry toys, each time wondering why they are twisted in different directions after stuffing. Sveta taught me how to avoid cavities during the stuffing. She taught me embroider the nose and pour pellets in the right way. I am saying that absolutely sincerely! I visited a several workshops, and I love people who shared with me their knowledge and experience, but most of all I learned in Sveta’s one!

So, what you buy:

Lesson #3 The right order of stitching details. The author's technique of stitching details without tacking and knots