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What you will make:


  • You will sew the body and prepare it for the mounting of all the other parts;
  • You will make a cute tail;



  • In this lesson, you will make hands with palms and fingers;


  • You will find out how to connect the parts of the head and sew up furs and smooth fabric;
  • How to fill your head to make perfect face;
  • How to install the attaching mechanism;


Look at the creations of my students

Are You Still Not Agree That You Can Create The Best Monkey In The World?

My Students Works:


  • You will learn what tools and materials you’ll need to create the monkey. You can easily find everything you need in a nearest fabric shop and will not waste time for an online shop order;

My name is Irina Tomashevskaya. I live and work in the Urals, in my hometown Kopeysk.

From early childhood I was doing something with his hands, making gifts for family, sewing clothes and curtains, but I never made toys.

I sewed my first cloth doll in early 2013. And I fell in love with this handicraft  From the very beginning I sewed toys in my own patterns. And I'm sorry that I don’t have enough time to embody all my ideas.

I’ve made a lot of different little animals. But cloth dolls with painted faces became the greatest love for me.
Little by little, the creation of toys and teaching craftswomen became my main occupation.

I have an experience of live workshops and Internet trainings. I created several tutorials in 2015, and the doll creation courses are the most popular.

I have a few thousand subscribers in social networks.

My toys live all over Russia and in other countries.

A picture of my dolls has been published in "The Doll Master" magazine.

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Dolls, Toys & Teddy Bears!

The First International Art Festival

Lesson #2. Cutting

Lesson #1. Materials and tools

Webcast by Irina Tomashevskaya, Textile Dolls Designer

Step by step video course "Funny monkey"

3. PDF pattern of simple but very glamorous clothes and shoes for the monkey. English language.


2. Monkey PDF pattern. English language.

1. Step-by-step video tuturial. Instant download after your payment. 

Compatible with Windows & Mac. English subtitles.

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Lesson #8. Sketch


  • Let's talk about the face painting;
  • You will learn to draw eyes in the simplest way, even if you've never painted;
  • You will make a sketch on the face;



  • You will find out how to lay patterns properly on fabric and fur;
  • How to work with fur;
  • How to cut the material correctly;


  • You seam the legs parts and fill them with stuffing;
  • You will make legs for the monkey to stand stable and wear shoes;
  • Learn how to set joint mechanism;

Lesson #4. Legs

Lesson #5. Hands

Lesson #6. Body

Lesson #7. Head


  • You will discover how to connect the parts so they do not shift during sewing;
  • You will sew all the details with the help of the sewing machine and prepare the body for filling;


Lesson #11. Gathering the parts


  • You will tint the face with pastel;
  • Animate the monkey with a brush and acrylic paints;
  • Make shure on your own experience that painting is easy!


Lesson #10. Toning and painting


  • You will create a monkey face and make her smile with a simple trick;
  • Learn how to fasten the thread and hide all knots;


Lesson #9. Tightening the face

12 step by step video lessons:

So, what you buy:

About Author:

Lesson #12. Button-fastening


  • You will put all the pieces together and fix all the joint mechanisms;


  • If you do not have pins you can attach the paws with buttons;
  • You will learn two different ways of button mounting;


Previous course students’ feedback:

Irina Neupokoeva
Dear Irina, I bought your  tutorial in the internet and received it in several minutes. The tutorial consists of clear instructions and a lot of photos. I have sewed a few dolls and they are so different! I realized that the pattern can be modeled, so I created the mermaid. Thank you for opening the curtain of mystery, and everything is easy. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and skills!



Natalia Zhuk
I sewed my dolls with the tutorial "Princess." At the conference, I fell in love with your dolls, but few doubted that I could make the same. I was hesitating a couple of days and then solved. I received the tutorial and set to work at once, because everything was clear and illustrated with photos. Yes, I created the doll and got some critics from our Master. But it was nice! Thank you, Irina, for a sincere feedback! Now I cannot stop: sewing and sewing.  I like the pattern! And I create completely different dolls. Thank you, Irina, you are very precious Master, Teacher, Mentor. I think you bring up a huge number of fans to create dolls of their dreams.



Inna Popova

Thanks for your help! It seems to me that my doll is an incredible beauty, I just cannot believe that I’ve made it!

Juliana Nasonova
Irina! I want to thank you for a tutorial “Princess”! Everithing is very clearly stated, especially nice to learn the details about the selection of fabrics and materials for a doll! I had a little draw, but I didn’t paint for a long time. The step-by-step instruction of doll painting helped me remember a lot of my skills. Thank you! I learned a lot from you.


Lyudmila Murashko

I created some dolls with "Angel" tutorial, and got a bunch of positive from the process! Instructions are very detailed, easy to understand and interesting. Irina was in touch at all stages, always prompted in difficult situations. I am very pleased to meet you!


Tatiana Obikhod
Thank you very much for the chic tutorial and feedback !!! Without your prompts I would have much worse doll!!! You are very responsive and open person, ready to help to the last drop of nerves ... we are all different, but we need a view from outside, and better if it is a professional !!! And most importantly, I finally learned how to draw faces that I did not get))) I advise everyone that tutorial and better with feedback, it will be 100% result ..! Thanks to Irina! Tutorial is great!!!

Lesson #3. Sewing details