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What you will make:


  • Painting 1: Secrets of dry pigment painting on a damp material – head, hands, legs;


  • Modelling features of miniature legs;


  • Details burning at domestic condition;

My Students Works:

Marina Zimina is the doll artist scince 2010, a member of Global Doll Society (GDS, England)

Participant of many exhibitions in different countries: England, Czech Republic, Estonia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Russia, Belorussia.

Prizewinner and international awards and diplomas holder. Teaching scince 2010 and has more than 300 graduates.

Creator of video-tutorials, such as: “Follow me” – statuary doll  class, child appearance; “Angels flying in the sky, which one is mine?” – character mobile doll; “Doll on a palm” – miniature mobile dolly, 16 cm; “Eye painting” – author’s teaching technique of oil-base painting.

Author’s dolls of Marina Zimina (about 200) located in private collections in different countries. She works with polymeric and self-hardering plastics.


  • Material examination;
  • The feature of forming a base of a miniature dolly’s head;

Dolls, Toys & Teddy Bears!

Webcast by Marina Zimina, Art Doll Creator

The First International Art Festival

Lesson #2.

Lesson #1.

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135.50 € \ $ 150.90

Lesson #8.


  • Painting 2: Method of tamponing with acrilyc paints and dry pigments;

Lesson #9.


150.50 € \ $ 167.50


  • Subtleties of miniature dolly’s face modeling;


  • Modelling features of miniature hands;

Lesson #4.

Lesson #5.

Lesson #6.

Lesson #7.


  • Important proportions of head and breast modeling;


  • Mobile body for a miniature doll;

Lesson #11.


  •  Dolly’s hair style. How to glue a hair (scheme);

Lesson #10.


  • Painting 3: Water - colour effect of oil painting;

12 detailed video lessons:

So, what you buy:

 About Author:

Step by step video tutorial “Doll on a palm”

1. Step-by-step video tuturial. Instant download after your payment. 

Compatible with Windows & Mac.

135.50 € \ $ 150.90


  •  Making dress;

Lesson #12.

Natalia Bulanova
Somewhere 5 years ago I saw a doll by Marina Zimina and it was like a desire to do the same switched on. Of course I had a fear I couldn`t do it. I have no art education I`m a technician and a doll is so gentle creature. But her assuring words gave me self-confidence and so 5 years dolls are with me or I am with them, I mean we are inseparable. When I finish one doll, I`m already thinking about the next one, thanks to Marina. She is a wonderful artist, she creates dolls and projects, which touch everyone, she`s always ready to share her experience. Everyone goes after her study with a doll and with knowledge that if you have a desire and application everything is possible. I`m glad that Marina is not only my teacher but a friend as well.

Irina Drozdenko
I was lucky to visit Marina`s workshop. I had no experience in modeling and I was nervous when I started. But soon I estimated all advantages of on-line study. All lessons by Marina were consistent, comprehensive and well-detailed. It was a real pleasure to realize theory with such a gifted teacher. Marina carefully supervised each step we made, corrected, supported, she didn`t let us relax and helped any time we wanted. I got self-confidence and I finished something I`ve started. The birth of my little doll was like a prize for me, as well as the desire to create, and to develop I myself. Thanks for the wonderful course, talent and patience.

Tatiana Astafieva
It was a very comprehensive, step-by-step course, an acquaintance with polymer clay. How to bake it, keep it, flat it – everything used to be new to me. I learned to model tiny tiny hands, a face. I thought I would never manage to make a face. Now I make shoes, I know how to choose materials, clothes. That course gave me a lot! Thanks, master!

Irina Velikanova
Recently when I visited doll`s exhibitions when I saw modeled dolls, I thought deep down in my heart that it was really beautiful, but not everyone is talented enough to do it. Now, as far as I passed through three Marina`s workshops, I can say for sure, that what man has done man can do. The last time I modeled was at the kindergarten and now I learned the ropes of a doll`s from LivingDoll birth step by step at Marina`s supervision. The result was far above my expectations! Dolls are wonderful! They`re in fact alive. Still cannot believe I made all these little fingers and faces. Marina helped me to gain self-confidence and opened a door to the unreal and so wonderful World of Dolls! 

Julia Peliuch
It was 5 years ago when I fell in love with a world of magic and miracles of signature dolls! The art of little steps … everything started with Marina Zimina`s workshop! Thanks to it I saw myself in a new perspective. When I finished my very first doll I couldn`t believe I`d made it myself! I understand you have to believe in yourself and your forces. Slow and steady wins the race!

Irina Zhmurenko
My acquaintance with a signature doll had happened long before I met Marina! So when I came to her workshop I felt a little skeptical about all that. I finished an art school and I graduated from a faculty of architecture and academic sculpture.) and also I`ve already made a couple of “masterpieces”, so I had a “huge” experience!))) it was much easier for me than for other beginners, but I understood, that basic knowledge was not the only thing you need!) Marina clarified clear, comprehensively each stage of a work on the doll! You didn`t need to figure out more. Because sometimes a good expert is not a good teacher. But it isn`t about Marina! She didn`t spread herself, everything was very professional! 

Are You Still Not Agree That You Can Create The Best Doll In The World?

Previous course students’ feedback

Look at the creations of my students

Lesson #3.